Thursday, July 1

{ happy july! }

I've never much liked the idea of 'Christmas in July' because it goes against the natural flow of the seasons. BUT, I rejoiced this morning at 6:30am when I awoke, dug around in my cupboards for some tea, and found ONE hidden bag of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea from last Christmas. 

The stuff sold out last November. It's decaf, but I still think they put some kind of amphetamines in it because I was at the point last December where I called all three of our local Trader Joe's stores to see if they were getting another shipment before the holidays were over. And all of them told me the same story, "Sold out til next season." 

When next season comes...I'm stocking up. But for this morning...I'm enjoying a tiny taste of July. Happy 1st, everyone :)

~photo by not martha.


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