Friday, April 16

{ ttfn }

We did it. We said goodbye...and we're both still standing. Well, Sarah's actually in an overly packed Honda Civic driving to Las Vegas (???) where I swear they are going to elope en route to the Rado.

[P.S. My last three posts have been about Sarah. Proof of my love for her. But has she ever blogged about me? Doubtful.]

Michelle and I met her at The DG (The Daily Grind...for those of you who don't go there one, sometimes maybe two, times a day). There she handed over her Axxess card because she has no use for it anymore since COLORADO DOESN'T DO AXXESS CARDS. Have fun paying full price for

I dropped her back off at the apartment so she could meet up with Tim and get on the road. There wasn't any parking on the street, so I paralleled it in front of our neighbor's driveway so I could get out and hug her quickly before the tears came.

I think it was the most awkward we have
ever been in each others' presence. Goodbyes are SO LAME! Long hug, tears start coming, and then the neighbor (whose driveway I was blocking), and who was now standing on her porch watching us got to witness the following conversation:

Sarah: "Ahhhh I have to go. I hate you!"
Me: "Seriously! I hope you move to f-ing Colorado!"
Sarah: "What? I didn't hear what you said..."
Sarah: "Oh...fine! BYE!"

And if that conversation (including
actual tears) wasn't enough to confuse a complete stranger (aka nosy neighbor) then I guess we'll have to be more creative next time...

Which brings me back to to my sad point...there isn't going to be a next least not for quite a while.

TTFN, Sarah! Don't text and drive!


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