Friday, April 23

{ soviet kitsch }

Besides being the album name for one fantastic Moscow-born musical artist, Soviet kitsch is also the name given to the tacky, tasteless and often cheap representations of the communist era (see Milan Kundera's novel).

As a little girl, I grew up practically next door to my maternal grandparents, both of whom immigrated at the end of WWII from the USSR. I was entranced by their home decor, but didn't understand most of it. It wasn't until I spent a semester abroad in Lithuania and Eastern Europe that I began to feel a personal connection to the aesthetics of the Soviet Union lifestyle.

vintage Matyroshka dolls, via thelostandfoundshop's shop

vintage tea glass holder, via spacejam's shop

vintage wooden painted spoon, "Khokhloma" style, via spacejam's shop

vintage Soviet mechanical alarm clock Vitjaz in turquoise, via ClockworkUniverse's shop

vintage lomography camera from Soviet Union FED-2, via spacejam's shop

vintage Soviet May Day pins, via sovietvintage's shop

vintage Pavlov Posad floral Russian shawl, via principessaemicranie's shop


Anonymous said...

hey! fun to find your site! rss'in you now and I already feel like we are closer in distance. i've been looking for a new bedside clock for ages. thanks for the link.

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