Friday, March 27

{ you win some, you lose some }

I realized that I lost ALL of my pictures from my four months in Lithuania. Some study abroad friends forwarded me a Snapfish link where I can download some high res pictures from the two weeks we spent in Russia...but that's about it. I haven't processed what this means yet...I'm going to cry at some point, I just haven't decided when yet.

DUKE lost. MEMPHIS lost. My whole final game is shot. I'm pissed. And no I don't want to talk about it. Basketball, I give you this one precious chance to prove yourself...and you straight up FAIL.

I FIXED MY iTUNES! Something that is way beyond my ability to explain was wrong with the directory and permissions of my shared user folder. iTunes e-mail help service really pulled through, and now I can surf iTunes again and continue on with my passion of discovering new music.

Took fun pictures in the harbor with my mom and sisters...since Emme is gracing us with her presence this week. Too bad none of us know how to smile the same time.


emme said...

i want to see the rest of these!

Allie said...

Such beautiful sisters.

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