Wednesday, January 28

{ din-din with the fam-fam }

For the last few months, Angela and I have been trying to get together once a week (with whatever roommates are available) and cook something together. It always ended up being Tuesday by default, so now it's an accepted thing: Tuesday nights are Angela-Maddie nights :)
Except for last night. Last night ended up being family night for both of us.
Which is great too...AND I still got to cook!

My mom had told me she had ground beef already out and thawing, so I had to make use of that somehow. After perusing (my current favorite cooking website), I grabbed some necessary items from home that I
knew my mother wouldn't have. Things like green lettuce, garlic, avocado and onion. I mean really, who has that stuff lying around a kitchen? :)

I started in on this highly-rated meatloaf recipe I found...tweaked it a little (is it bad that I try to avoid having to wash extra measuring utensils at all cost?)...and voila! Just seconds after Becky was forced to run out the door to youth group with a bowl of cereal in hand. Poor thing.

Made some GREAT green beans mostly using this recipe.
I say "mostly" because my mother of course didn't have any olive oil, so bring on the butter!
I threw in some pine nuts that I've had stockpiled since Christmas, when a relative left a Costco-sized bag at our house. So lucky (those things are usually expensive!)...

Only downfall of the evening was that I almost poisoned my dad. He's taking a medication that has a lot of food limitations on it. For example, no avocados, which I had vigorously whipped into the salad dressing. You couldn't even see them. My poor dad didn't stand a chance. Lucky for him, he asked after just one bite of the deadly lettuce leaves.

On a good note, the night did end with my dad showing me the vintage Wurlitzer electric piano he'd had stashed away in the garage since he was my age. It almost works...almost. And as soon as it does...well, I've already claimed it. Who wants in the band?!?


cjacks said...

The Wurlitzer will never work again. I'm sorry. Even though it's easy as cake to get the exact ‘Wurly’ sound with any good software synth, the action on the real Wurlitzer can't be beat. Here's the deal… (<— option-semi colon is so much nicer than three periods. It should have been a comma, but don't you just love the way a misused ellipsis feels sometimes?.) Oh, the deal. I almost forgot what I was typing about. When I finally run out of good places to bury money in the backyard, I'll just buy you a new one—a new Wurlitzer Electric Piano.

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