Sunday, May 6

obscure Mexican holidays

After a full day of backyard bottle-collecting and re-hydration, I'm more than ready to talk about the best Cinco de Mayo I've ever had. Which maybe isn't the most meaningful way to phrase it since I've never actually done anything extraordinary for this obscure Mexican holiday that we Americans seem to cherish so much.

But still.

Last night began when an old friend of mine from high school in Santa Barbara ended up at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, Seattle, playing a show on his West Coast tour with his band, Tommy & the High Pilots. The thing about Tommy is that I remember him more as this ever-so-slightly chubby theater geek kid when we were teenagers. 
And now he's hot. And he has groupies. 

I converted two of my friends on the spot. The second Tommy opened his mouth on stage, both of the girls went weak at the knees. They both wept when I told them he'd been dating the same girl for EIGHT YEARS.

This isn't even a good recording, but it's a new song he just wrote about Goleta, my true homeland, and it makes me a little weepy. In a good way. Now go watch their real videos here:

I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo and all, I naturally extended some Cinco de Mayo hospitality and invited Tommy and his boys over for some fireside beers in our backyard with a few other friends. And by few, I mean 20-30-ish.

The High Pilots brought the other band they're touring with, A B & the SEA...and they all brought their guitars. Ergo a fireside jam session proceeded into the wee hours of the morning (ooops—sorry, neighbors!). And then I made them scrambled eggs for breakfast in the morning. The end.
Viva la Cinco!


wildchild said...

woah party animal. a dozen hot guys playing their guitar at a late night bonfire is my idea of the perfect "get-together".

also, i love it when nerdy boys turn into hotties in college.

katiecook said...

Hello! Just found your blog (through amanda, i went to college with her at UCD) and am so enjoying it:) your photos are so beautiful:) excited to follow and get to know you more:) Katie

Katie Cook said...

ps- totally cracking up at your story on the name of your blog:) so hilarious!

cjacks said...

Man, how cool is all that? Only in Seattle. That's like number 3 now for your 'real band' in the backyard party/concerts right? How'd you turn out to be such a hipster? Oh yeah, I'm your dad. (har)

Marshall said...

you are incredible. only YOU could get two boy bands to serenade in your backyard all night.

8 years of dating?! little tommy needs to put a ring on it already!

Chelsey Taylor said...


Hayley Oa said...

1. I was obsessed with Holden in highschool. How have we not talked about this?

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