Sunday, April 22

musical girl crush

I saw my musical girl crush face-to-face last night!
The few songs I have actually managed to write teensy parts of on the piano are due in large part to Ingrid Michaelson and her quirky, cute, yet I-don't-give-a-$%*# inspiration in my life. 
And thanks to my sweet roommate, Ingrid's Girls and Boys album was also the unofficial soundtrack to my last semester of college.
Lots of build up...blah blah blah. All that to say, last night was dang good.

  • Ingrid first walking out on stage to Ke$ha's Blow blasting over the main sound system.
  • Her honesty, peculiar and unexpected traits shining through.
  • Her improving an entire song about sexually harassing her band members. (See previous point.)
  • Getting chills when she sang this song...


Fit With Flash said...


Anonymous said...

I have to put that in all-caps for emphasis. I got to see her here in Birmingham a couple years back, and it was WONDERFUL.

now I'm off to go listen to more of her music. since, you know, Ingrid's pretty much the perfect start to my week.

wildchild said...

so jealous. ingrid is the and the "Girls and Boys" was the soundtrack of my senior year of college. tell me we're not that far apart in age.

cjacks said...

Lucky you. I'm just gonna have to visit whenever a great concert looms.(That would be every weekend though, in Seattle... uh, yeah). Hope you were up real close and personal like.

Robyn said...

great song! honestly never heard of her before-but going to ownload some tunes

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