Sunday, March 4

faint not

Lately I've been feeling extra weighed down by some evils lurking in our world. I hate being vague on the blog, but until I figure out a way to describe some of this in more detail—while remaining sensitive to those it directly involves—you're gonna get some vagueness. 

I know our world is corrupted by sin, and I'm not just talking about the 'stealing from the cookie jar when you're seven' kind of sin. But bless your heart if that's the most you've ever had to deal with. I'm talking about the wicked and evil darkness kind of sin—the kind that is binding and causes widespread suffering—the kind that makes you want to punch walls and scream, "F%*$ you, Satan!"
Sadly, I can usually push it to the sides of my brain in order to keep my heart joyfully afloat in a world that is literally drowning in this kind of depravity, but every once in a while, when it threatens the joy of people I love, it becomes too personal and painful to ignore.

Sometimes I need a little extra reminding that His love and grace is resting peacefully in the shadows, ready to embrace us when we've simply had enough of the darkness and our souls feel like fainting.

And so today I'm thankful for Jenny & Tyler's song, Faint Not.

the problem’s not a gun, not a color, not a hundred dollar bill
we think the struggle can be won with simple thoughts like 'come together be good willed'
the gap between the rich and poor is spreading out all the more or so they say
we ignore the claims

o my soul, faint not, no
faint not | o my soul, keep up, up
in love

it’s not that we don’t know or we’re not shown the proof of poverty
it’s not that we don’t have the tools to go to break this yoke of slavery
we quit because it’s not an easy fix and then forget that they are even there
we forget to care

o my soul, faint not, no
faint not | o my soul, keep up, up
in love

where there is hatred, let me sow love
where there is injury, let me pardon
where there is darkness, let the Light come, come

o my soul, faint not, no
faint not | o my soul, keep up, up
in love

faint not
faint not


a day with kate said...

What a beautiful song! Sorry you're going through a rough time :( It's so true, though... sometimes we need a reminder that God is there, waiting to help us us when we can't handle things on our own.

laurenjeanallece said...

Oh Maddie, I love this post - not that there is something weighing heavily on you, but that you know Who to turn to when that happens :)

One thing I miss most about Pepperdine is being immersed in a community of people who run to the arms of the same Savior when that proverbial sh*t hits the fan, but honestly, it's posts like this that remind me that kind of community is still very much alive; there is a world full of people who refuse to give up hope even in the darkness (especially in the darkness!).

Have you ever heard the song "Sorrow" by Bad Relgion? ( It's been a real buoy when I've felt the way you've described. I've heard people interpret it different ways, but I hear it as a vision of hope for what Is To Come when all is put right again!

Keeping you and yours in my prayers!

Sarah Rall said...

this is a beautiful song; thanks for sharing!

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