Tuesday, January 3

above all else

Trippy photo, right?

Above all else, guard your heart,
                          for everything you do flows from it. 
       Proverbs 4:23

Had a short but sweet McConnell's ice cream date at the Santa Barbara Mission rose gardens today with my middle sister, Emme. 
I don't think she realized it then, but she has shown and taught me all sorts of things about the above verse just by the way she lives her life.
I used to always pray, "Lord, please guard my heart because I don't know how to."
Looking back, I think that was a bit of a cop-out on my part. 
But God still followed through on his end of the deal. He tends to do that.
I'll be 26 next week, and I still don't quite have the whole "guarding your heart" thing figured out. 
Also, my sista introduced me to this song. Have a listen—
If you're viewing in Google Reader, click here:
Give Me Faith by Elevation Worship on Grooveshark 
"My flesh may fail...but my God, You never will."


Caiti said...

love it....

cjacks said...

He'll keep guarding your heart—I'm sure about that. I wonder if he smiles and thinks, “Yes! Way to go Madeline—thanks for the extra help” when he sees you get up and put on the armor* every day?

…and, Emme is the Music Supervisor to the Masses. I guess she figures, why waste her gift on Hollywood when she can use it to enrich those lives around her instead. Whatever the case, she definitely knows music and how to pull out just the right piece at just the right time.

* Ephesians 6:10-18

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