Monday, November 21

a memoir of my Idaho childhood

While born and mostly raised in Southern California, I still ended up spending four very formative years of my childhood in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Up near the tippy-tippy-top of the Panhandle.
It's been over a decade since I've been back to visit. But I'm back now—spending Thanksgiving week with an old (and amazing!) friend and her wonderful family. 
And it's 28 degrees outside! And snowing!! And I'm seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 tonight!!!
But I digress. 
More on all of those wonderful exclamations tomorrow.
Today I take you on a short pictorial memoir of my Idaho childhood.

The uniforms, the high-water pants, my family's "ride" in the background...
My lack of pants in this one...
Those pajamas had a buttoned bottom flap as case you were wondering. Thanks, J. Crew Kids.
That's a one-piece snowsuit, FYI. Or should I say...FTW.
Girl gang...lots of angst-y elementary school emotions...
Annnnnnd I think that's enough for now.
Present-day photos next. Promise.


Marshall said...

Haha, I LOVE THIS MADS! Have a wonderful time back in your first home...and I cant wait to hear about BD. We haven't gotten it out here yet so I have to live vicariously through you.
Miss you! Happy thanks week, love!

ika said...

please clarify that #1 that's your grandfather in one of the photos, #2 my mom jeans actually were in at the time and #3 redeeming all my fashion faux pas, I did get those J.Crew long johns waaaay before anyone thought or heard of J. Crew.

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