Thursday, October 6

a recap AND a new autumn header

  1. I'm home (Seattle)! And missing old home (Santa Barbara).
  2. It's Autumn. And so I have a new header. Check it.
  3. I'm waiting for these Lucky boots to arrive in the mail (thanks, Mom)!
  4. Whenever I tip a cab driver, it's usually more of a "thanks for not abducting me" tip, than a "good driving" tip.
  5. When I stepped onto my old high school campus last week for the first time in years, insecurity immediately washed over me. What is with that?
  6. Sisters are great (see above photo).
  7. I just spent a week on two college campuses repping LCC International University.
  8. I do not miss college.
  9. I actually kind of miss college. I just don't miss the
  • food
  • poor Internet connections
  • late nights
  • heartbreaks
  • 'trying to be in a million places at once' feeling
  • homework
Last night I had a great catch-up Skype visit with my self-appointed younger brother (I'd say little brother, except he's probably a foot taller than me). He's studying in Mexico this semester. We ended up talking about how important it is to simply be loving toward those we care deeply about. Showing love differs from culture to culture and relationship to relationship...but it's, in a sense, all we have to go by. 
Cut out the fear, insecurity, and inhibitions, and go show love to those in your life who mean the most, yet perhaps often go overlooked.


ika said...

"Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old."
Glad you came to visit and we were able to do nothing of importance together, which in reality, was important. ♡

Marshall said...

mmm love it Mads!!

also... waiting to hear the outcome to our last email! :)

Ahn said...

LOVE the header.

Bon Bon said...

It's all about truly living and loving! true true. New boots too...those are always a must:-) xoxo

wildchild said...

1. love the boots! i found some great ones yesterday at payless, and thanks to my mom too, i'm now a proud new owner.
2. amen about sisters.
3. i know exactly what you mean about high school and insecurity. gah. i went to the powderpuff football game last night with my little sister and it was crazy how the dumb little high schoolers could make me question the awesome confidence i've gotten even more of since i've been out of that place. so weird.
4. also love the header. so autumnal.

cjacks said...

Nice ornament usage.

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