Thursday, October 20

inspired by wedding season & Liz Lemon

I just returned from the wedding of two college friends in Arizona. 'Twas a glorious weekend...We went to a saloon for the bachelorette, danced to Persian music at the reception (the groom is Iranian) and I experienced my very first open bar wedding. Which is odd, because, as a friend kindly pointed out, "You go to a lot of weddings, Maddie." 
This is true. So true, that I'm considering starting up a business called, "I Do Weddings." No, it's not going to be about event planning or cake-making for weddings...I will just go to them. Because weddings are fun! Please see exhibit A, B, and C below:
Exhibit A
Photo by Montana
Exhibit B
Photo by Montana
Exhibit C
Photo by Montana

Haven't figured out the getting paid part, but give it time. Actually, you know there are probably plenty of socially awkward 30-something-year-old guys out there whose younger sisters are getting married and the family is putting on some major pressure for him to show up with at least a date. I could get really good at being that date. Maybe even better than Dermot.

Photo by Montana
Anywho, it was a blessing to see a marriage between two people who are just perfect for each other. In a world where I've never really believed there is just one 'soulmate' for everyone, I love love love seeing two crazy-unique people fit into each others' lives like puzzle pieces. See below.

awesome Arizona newly wedded couple
photo by Montana

And it got me thinking. About my puzzle piece. Humor me, I rarely get lovey-dovey on the blog.
Also, I was recently reminded of this great Liz Lemon quote.
So I made my own. I tried to mix serious with funny, so I hope that works for you. Take it with a grain of salt. Maybe two. 
And let it be known, I think lists like this should always be open to change. Don't lock yourself in.

You may listen to this song, because it's fitting and great, while reading:

I want someone who has kickass taste in music, but knows enough Katy and Ke$ha to blend in at dance parties.
I want someone who can handle me with grace in my darkest darks and lowest lows, and who will push me when I say, "I'm fine," because "fine" is not a feeling.
Someone who, in the midst of truly sucky situations, can confidently say, "We've got this"—and mean it.
Someone who loves it when I sing in the shower...and every other room.
I want someone who loves my family completely and will hang out with my sisters.
Someone who does not have addictive tendencies. Dealbreaker alert.
I want someone who will lead me, but let me give directions once in a while.
Someone who will fight fear for me.
I want someone who feels like a man in the kitchen and would never accept a can of chili as a well-balanced meal.
I want a man who is entrenched in his own life. (READ that link.)
Who will talk back when I talk too much and be okay with the fact that this might happen often.
Someone who has stellar taste in shoes.
Who thinks Kristen Wiig is funny—and not just "for a female."
Someone who has good text back tempo, who can keep up with my sarcasm and witty banter, and thinks I look hot in pajamas.
I want someone who regularly seeks the fellowship of other believers without me pushing him to do so.
He would also need to know that I would never want to be proposed to in front of a large crowd of strangers (i.e. at a baseball game, concert, etc.). Never.
I'd like someone who loves telling stories and listening to mine, and who is never above a handwritten note.
I want someone who knows and understands that not every second we're together needs to be action-packed and thrilling. "Doing life" together is what it's about.
Someone who adores his siblings and follows through even when it scares the hell out of him.
Who knows that carnations are a no. 
And talking about cars is stupid.
I want someone who currently does, or eventually will, mourn the fact that Friday Night Lights is over.
And also, someone who can dance like Usher.

And that—that is what I want.

***Disclaimer: All of the photos with moi in them are actually from a wedding that was last year—my wonderful friend-since-Kindergarten, Janelle. The crazy bride and groom in the bottom-most photo are Anna & Kian from this last weekend's wedding. :)


cjacks said...

Great music to read by. Great writing to read.

Jessica Roy said...

Love this list!

Jessica Roy said...

Oh my goodness and I LOVE that Mindy Kaling article. She is one funny lady.

ika said...

...and I want that for you. :)

wildchild said...

isn't this what every real woman wants? what a list. i hope you find a man like that :)

[Anna] said...

Best. Man List. Ever.

And the dancing like Usher part is actually really important. He should probably be able to bust a move in the kitchen at the drop of a hat... because kitchens are where moves should be busted.

Adam K said...

What if he doesn't dance like Usher, but more like one of The Wiggles? Would that man stand a chance?

Your writing is, as always, right on target. I think Goldilocks would choose this blog to read. It's more than fine. It's super fine.

Also, the photo of you making the "face of many emotions" is fantastic. Gotta love the face.

a day with kate said...

Hahaha! Maddie, this is fantastic. I love your list-- especially the parts about Kristen Wiig, carnations, and Friday Night Lights. Well, pretty much each part is good...

And ditto. Mindy Kaling is hysterical.

Sara said...

I love your outfit and this picture, you look so good, that dress is really cool and the color and shape are perfect, you are beautiful; also the wedding party seems like real fun! Your blog is lovely (just saying’) and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

sarah said...

this man sounds a lot like me. except i think that carnations can be REALLY PRETTY in the right circumstance. (hint: the right circumstance is NOT when they're died pink and red for valentines day)

misss you bff.

ps you made me sick.

Shelby said...

I think you may have, perhaps just a little, stolen my formula for a perfect guy out of my head and put it into words right here onto this blog. I loved the music pairing as well. Go you!

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