Friday, September 23

the diva way of life

When I first moved here and began a writing internship, I started working part-time as a barista...because that's what you do when you're 25 and move to Seattle with an unpaid internship. And if we could get past the fact that it's called Diva...that would be great. I have no idea why it is. No one seems to know. I've asked.

Now I just pick up occasional shifts when tip money sounds enticing. This week I worked a shift at the location that's attached to one of the main Seattle hospitals.  
It was awesome. 
Have you ever wanted to be on an episode of Grey's Anatomy? I have. And I am 96% sure this is as close as I will ever get.

A few things I noticed about the McDreamy-status doctors:
  • Some of them drink up to four mochas a day. Which isn't healthy, despite their doctorly opinion.
  • They all have perfect hair, and half of them have tattoos.
  • I lost all my flirting prowess. There's something about putting whipped cream on someone's daily drink—when you know that they've gone through med school and are about to go save someone's life—that just makes you feel small.
  • More than once did I fix my hair in the bathroom mirror.
  • More than once did I try and weasel into the coffee-cash exchange conversation that I had a Bachelor's. 
  • More than once did I not get asked out by a tattooed, perfect-haired doctor.
    BUT I did shoot some photos to share with you the glamorous life of the barista. Go grab an Americano and enjoy.

And oh in my coffee clothes. Way cuter than scrubs...right?


wildchild said...

damn those perfect haired tattooed doctors. who wouldn't want to ask a hottie with a bachelors degree, awesome moccasins and mad coffee making skills out?

Adam K said...

I wonder if doctors get a discount on Rogaine or something, since they're in the medical profession. Or maybe the surgeons are the resident barbers and are just as sure-handed in cutting hair. What's the explanation?

Also, I really like the photos and your "self portrait" is very expressive of how you felt with the doctors.

Sarah said...

do your shot glasses say visions? because that's awesome

also, damn you and the fact that you don't have to wear a starbucks uniform. there's nothing flattering about what i wear to work. and instead of doctors i deal with high-maintenance business people at the sears tower!

Fit With Flash said...

so you're saying i should move to seattle?

Anonymous said...

Weird, it seems like a LOT of bloggers are also baristas. I am too! But I run a bistro in a retirement home so that's not as fast paced.

Loving your shots! I hope you snag a doctor!

Marshall said...

You are adorable in that apron. now, if you could just send me over a chai tea latte and yourself, WE could have a little date!

Allie said...

YOU are a diva. In the best sense.

cjacks said...

You make me proud. I knew my years of modeling extreme espresso behavior (quad shots on ice as often as possible) would pay off in the end.

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