Tuesday, July 19


How cute is this? My mom and her sister took a roadtrip from Santa Barbara to Northern California to visit my cousin, then to Portland to meet up with their other sister, then to Victoria, Canada, to visit their aunt and uncle, and then to Seattle to see me!
Nothing like sister-bonding on the road.
Reminds me of this video Sister #2 and I made in January.

My mom is one in a million, but boy does she have a sweet tooth. And that's fine for her, because throughout most of my life, she's weighed significantly less than me. Props to her.

That being said, we rocked Seattle in true dessert-lovers fashion, and I joined a gym the day she left. :)
Top Pot Donuts • Macrena Bakery • Mighty-O Donuts • Zoka • Molly Moon's Ice Cream

And no, that list is not all-inclusive.

We also marched all over Seattle, and it was awesome feeling like I finally live here and have earned the right to 'show people my city.' 
Nordstrom Anniversary sale, antique-shopping down town, thrift store shopping on Capitol Hill, sightseeing all the famous parks and lookouts (Gas Works, Kerry...).

They even let me have an hour alone to watch the finale of Friday Night Lights. Took me a while to pull myself together after that one. If you're missing it already, watch this little "best of" highlights video

It includes my two favorite lines (just humor me):

Tyra: "I have dreams, Tim."
Tim: "I know you do. I have dreams too...maybe one day our dreams can merge together."
Eric to Tami: "I wanna go to Philadelphia. Will you take me to Philadelphia with you, please?"


ika said...

"Hand-forged" donuts-$3.00, great coffee-$5.25, Bizarro Restaurant-$75, hanging around with the best daughter- priceless! ♡

note: Sweet tooth and age 54 do not a skinny figure make.

wildchild said...

that's awesome that your mom and her sister road tripped together, all grown up. one of my biggest fears is that my siblings and i will grow apart as we grow up, but hopefully we'll do awesome things like this to stay close

a day with kate said...

love: "momsicles", the list of your treats from the weekend (AH. I need some macrina/molly moon's!), and obviously, the two FNL quotes. so good.

Marshall said...

I'm so bummed I missed Ika and the dessert-a-thon. You know I would have been there to the end!

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