Friday, June 3

this might happen Saturday

My hair has a pretty boring track record. It's been fairly complacent lately (slash my entire life), but not from lack of an adventurous spirit. The spirit is willing. And therefore, this might happen Saturday.
Balayage, or the ombre look, is really just highlights, but rather than foiled, the hair is brushed in a sweeping motion (hence the French meaning) to give it a more naturally sun-kissed and painted look. Has anyone done it? Thoughts?

Big thanks to Jessica, Jules, and Ashlee for the pics!

P.S. I tried to explain to Eva (she's 8 years old) what I was thinking about doing to my hair. We did some oil pastel-ing together to help illustrate the concept. Please enjoy this as much as I did.
I don't know where the inspiration for the glasses came from. Neither of us have them in real life.


wildchild said...

i've always been jealous of girls who can pull this off. good luck! i expect pictures of how it turns out :)

ika said...

don't tell Em.

Jacks said...
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Mr. Jacks said...

I'm thinking about it too.

emme said...

bahahahhaha dad.

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