Friday, June 10

shades and nuances and all things that sound beautiful

I'm laying in bed with huge noise-cancelling headphones on that my dad bought me, emotionally tripping out to Bon Iver's...Bon Iver. That self-titled stuff always gets me. 


To say the first listen through is therapeutic is an understatement. If every human on this earth was given a copy of this album (along with a pair of AKG's), world peace just might occur. 
It's nuanced in a way that's almost oxymoronic. Gentle, yet powerful. Singular, plural. Tears of joy and frustrated laughter. K I'm done pretending I work for Pitchfork.

I can't wait to see the Tiny Desk concerts and Take Away concerts that come from this sophomore album. The only heart-wrenching thing is, he's not touring anywhere near Washington this year. Sooooo...guess I get to fly to London to see him. Who's with me?


KelRanck said...

and this is why we should be GREAT friends. :-)

Annie said...

Michicant's unbelievable, isn't it?

C. said...

Your musical recommendations always turn out to be such a treat. I'll find some time and check this one out. Maddie, sometimes your prose is almost musical itself. That 'Pitchfork review' is pure (informative) poetry.

Amanda Mae said...

ohmygod.. dont you love TAKE AWAY SHOWS!? I get completely lost in them! My friends did a take a way show... i was insanely jealous an impressed! they are Bodies of Water! have you seen theirs?? Anyways, my favorite take away show is Beirut... and Lykke Li .. and Sigur Ros and... Bon Ivor and... ok, too many tolist...

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