Tuesday, May 31

another earth

On May 21, 2011, also known as the day the world was supposed to end, Amanda, Heidi and I took a drive through downtown Seattle to get to the Egyptian Theatre on Capitol Hill for a Seattle International Film Fest flick. We saw "Another Earth," which I found to be quite fitting as the the time changed to 6:01pm and ambulance sirens started blaring around corners. For a surreal second, I wondered if all the talk was true...
But I got over that real fast, and we snuck up into the balcony of the Egyptian just in time to catch this film...

I highly recommend.
It's got some great scandal to it.
And beautiful music such as The Cinematic Orchestra's "To Build a Home," featuring Patrick Watson.
Sweet like honey.

And my fav Tweet about the supposed rapture:
Ellen DeGeneres: "Love Britney's song, Keep on Dancing Till the World Ends.
Or as the guy standing on the corner calls it, Keep on Dancing...Til Saturday."


emme said...

oooh i wanted to see this.... the girl wrote the movie herself too! and it looks reals beauty.

Marshall said...

I never heard of it! but trust your recommendations lova!

PS. just heard your voicemail - so sorry I missed it! will call you soon! love you!

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