Sunday, April 24

Season 5

Thankful for a gorgeous almost-summer-Seattle weekend. Front-yard BBQ with new friends, rooftop sunset watching over the Olympics, homemade guacamole, near-70-degree weather, hiking Twin Falls with Allie, Baguette Box, Easter dresses paired with rain boots, after-church luncheon with friends...and above all, getting the privilege of celebrating Christ's resurrection freely and openly. Amen.

Being that it's still Easter Sunday, the rest of this post is slightly sacrilegious—I realize that. But I've never successfully given up something for the entire Lenten season before. Stop the judgment. 
I'm currently awaiting the first disc of Friday Night Lights Season 5 to come in the mail (Netflix). 
Missed you, Tim Riggins. Mean it.

In other news, after friends left our Easter lunch this afternoon, I officially broke the movie-fast with my new favorite Disney animation movie, Tangled. Watched it by myself, curled up on the couch with my favorite tea. LOVED IT. Thanks, Allie, for letting me borrow such a treasured possession. :)


a day with kate said...

Haha! Glad you had a wonderful weekend... but more importantly, glad you can get back to FNL. There's seriously something about that Tim Riggins. LOVE him.

Allie said...

Didn't you loooove the lanterns scene?? Wahhhh

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