Tuesday, March 8

yes, a vegan donut

It exists. Thank you Mighty-O.
locally made
certified organic ingredients
no chemical preservatives
no hydrogenated oils
no cholesterol
no colorings or artificial flavors
no animal derived ingredients

Oh, and Zoka, you make a pretty decent latte too. 

Okay, I'll stop the infomercial.
Oh wait, one more glorious thing...
Sweet Linda at Rose à la Mode is giving away a KATE SPADE BAG (aka $325) here.
Seriously go check it out...it is NOT that hard to win, people!


Lisa said...

Ha, I love reading all your posts about the things you're excited to discover in Seattle. The vegan donut is totally not a surprise to me, because that's what they primarily serve on UW's campus. Glad you're loving it!

Megan said...

i could probably down 10 of those doughnuts right now. i have been craving the for days.

oh hi btw. we share a mutual friend (ahnika)

i really love your blog.

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