Thursday, February 10

will you make me some tea, please?

That was the text message my sister received from me this morning. Yes, the same sister who lives in the bedroom across the hall from me. My throat was on fire when I woke up, so texting seemed more appropriate than yelling. And the little angel actually made me tea and brought it to me. (Thanks, Em!) 

And now I'm hours away from picking up two of my favorite people, Sarah & Michelle! Our first official visitors to our new Seattle home.
Their flight doesn't land until 11pm, which means we should probably go to a late night happy hour, right? Toulous Petit Kitchen & Lounge is newer and comes highly recommended.
Apparently they have the "best happy hour in the nation." We'll see about that.
Us Santa Barbara girls have fairly high happy hour standards, thanks to Sand Bar.
That was a joke.


Allie said...

Ooh, I love Toulouse Petit!

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