Sunday, February 6


Making lists and crossing them off has done wonders for my self esteem during my current "in-between-jobs" status. Some call it feigning productivity. On the contrary.
And I think I've finally found the perfect online organizational tool.
Meet TeuxDeux.
How much classier does it sound to say, "Let me check my TeuxDeux list," as opposed to, "Let me check my To-Do list"...? Okay, so it sounds the exact same. But it looks sexier...and French :)

I love its sleek, utilitarian design.
And I love that it's free.

They have a free iPhone app as well, which I've heard only great things about...but alas, I'm still with Verizon.


tishthefish said...

i like sexy. and lift your head weary verizon customer cause now you can partake in the same sublimity we at&t customers have been able to enjoy for years now

Allie said...

Quite interested!

Sarah said...

i enjoy your Thursday and Friday posts

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