Wednesday, December 22

three days

Not sure how that happened. Three days? 'Til Christmas? Anticipation is more than half the fun though, right?!

This song has been on my heart, mind and soul this week. 
It. Is. Gorgeous. 
I try not to lead you astray when it comes to music...and I would certainly never do it to you right before Christmas of all things! Sadly, it's just one of those lame "lyrics" videos...but close your eyes—it's the sound that's important anyway. And I bet you haven't closed your eyes and held still for more than two seconds this holiday season anyway. It will be good for you :)

There's a line I love to ponder in one of the verses:
"It's still a mystery to me...that Mary had to rock her Savior to sleep..."


Amanda said...

i reposted your yarn snow men! they are soo cute!! just thought i'd let you know. merry christmas!!

Angie said...

Somehow every song you post I end up listening to on repeat. Keep 'em coming!

Sarah Klassen said...

JUST BEAUTIFUL. I'm so glad you shared this... thank you. And of course, Merry Merry Christmas to you—I hope it is filled with wonderful moments and blessings, xx

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