Tuesday, December 14

shot guns, trucks and porch swings...

Survived 24 hours at the ranch! And I mean, that's not always a guaranteed thing. Some of those back roads are a little rundown...and the 4WD on our beat-up F-150 is unreliable at times...not to mention the long list of other questionable things I cannot post about here since my parents read this blog. (kidding, Mom! ...kind of!)

Derek in his element.

Barbed wire. Tried to climb it. Didn't happen for me.

Gotta get a little mud on the tires.
Old faithful.
This is my happy place.

Resident cowboy.

We drove ATV's up to the top of the highest hill we could find to watch the sunset. Awww.
How much do we love playing cowboy/cowgirl? So much.
And listening to these songs on repeat.

And 96% of the time, a weekend stay at the ranch includes a trip to the Maverick Saloon, where it doesn't matter if you don't know how to two-step...because I guarantee you a 75-year-old cowboy will try to teach you. 
As always, it was the best. Ya'll should come next time! :)


Bridget said...

this looks like so much fun. between the little cabin you spent thanksgiving at and now this? i want to move to california and be bff's with you (dont tell ahnika)

Sarah said...

was he there? that old cowboy with the bouncy moves?

Anonymous said...

wow. these pictures are amazing! this looks like so much fun. except the barbed wire. i would probably get stuck on it or poke myself or something equally not good. i'm clumsy like that. glad you made it through!

C. said...

If there were wildflowers in bloom, they'd probably match your fingernail polish color. (Squint and imagine—.)

Camanda said...

Mads!! My amazing little photographer! Your pics are gorgeous...I love the cowboy ones. I'm so glad I got to go to the Ika-phenom-remodel-ranch albeit not with you :(

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