Wednesday, November 10

whirlwind wednesday

Just had lunch with an old friend (this guy) at Three Pickles.

On my way out the door for a whirlwind tour of SoCal. 
[AKA a ROAD TRIP wherein I'm in my car by myself (probs car-dancing to Ke$ha & singing to T. Swift), but I get to stop every hour or so to spend some quality time with people I LOVE.]

First I'll be seeing Sister #3 in Azusa for the first time since she entered the college world...

I plan on meeting her BOYFRIEND for the first time and (hopefully) approving. Might guest star on her radio show. Definitely will be watching the CMA's tonight...probably in a dorm lounge with people running around with airsoft guns in the background hyped up on Rockstars and cookie dough. Man, do I miss college.

Then off to the marvelous McGraw household in Carlsbad, CA, where I'll get to spend some much-needed and long-awaited time with this lovely...

Lauren is the one on the left (what, you couldn't tell?)...with the fake lip ring. Once, I miss college. 

We will hopefully have a hey-day living life together Thursday/Friday, which may or may not involve Photobooth shoots (see above), binge eating, cuddling with her and her seeesstas, hanging with her two amazing twin bros, talking about all things Africa and what her family and God have been up to over there, praying together, loving each other...

After Lauren and I get each other out of our systems (which, we'll realize soon enough isn't actually possible), I get to have a coffee date near Point Loma with Katelin, aka one of my favorite college sophomores in existence...

And THEN (humor me), I get to cross-my-fingers-HOPEFULLY see Lana. Lana and I have been in love (in a best-friendship way, come on now) since about the 6th grade. We used to have sleep-overs about every other night in high school.

It's no secret that we somehow have a really hard time taking straight-up good pictures together. So this one is circa Dec. 2007. We obviously look much more grown up now. And we also live our lives in color. This girl is one of my favorite people on the PLANET. I miss living in the same town as her so much.

Dear LA and San Diego freeways, clear the way.


Annie said...

Thank you for qualifying that ONE OF your favorite college sophomores part :)

Ahn said...

you lucky girl. and annie...we're coming to you soon.
in youth group on sunday a boy told me that i look like ke$sha. i did not take it as a compliment.

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