Saturday, July 24

{ recovery breakfast }

I like to call this little breakfast the Morning After a Best Friend's Wedding Recovery Bowl. And not because it was stressful. On the contrary...the bride was radiant and relaxed throughout the entire event. It was quite refreshing :) (I'll post in more detail about the wedding day soon—it was such a fantastic time!)

Instead, the Recovery Bowl is so named because I'm pretty sure I was given the option of consuming an entire assorted cheese platter at least once each day between last Sunday and the wedding last night. Bachelorette parties and wedding prep gatherings tend to scream Brie and chocolate-covered anything. 

The local bluebs and strawbs this morning were a welcome sight. Awwww nutrients!

photo by me


emme said...

will this be on the menu for our 12 day attempt? yum.

Sarah said...

spelling correction: it's


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