Tuesday, June 22

{ immi }

Last night I attended something long-awaited and fabulous.
Imogen Heap played IN Santa Barbara at the (newly revamped) Granada Theater…and Michelle (my baller housemate) got me and a bunch of friends 2nd ROW TICKETS! I even made eye contact with her. It's true.

Imogen won a Grammy this year for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, which, when translated, means she’s ‘totally bitching.’ ...and that she can play everything from wine glasses to key-tars. 

Immi and I go way back…in the best of ways. Her first single, Hide & Seek, quickly made it onto a highly selective list of songs I like to call “Medicine Songs.” This just means that when faced with high emotional turmoil, one can turn down the lights, turn up one of these songs, and lay sprawled out on the floor…and it will have the same calming effect as:
a)      An hour of professional therapy
b)      An evening’s worth of journaling
c)      A couple of Xanax

She’s just that good. And the fact that she came to my home town means the world to me. Thank you, Immi! 

P.S. Several of us took poor crutch-wielding Michelle out back by Immi's tour buses after the show...in hopes of getting her cast signed. [Please see Mark 2 for the corresponding Biblical comparison.] We waited for almost two hours. And she never came out. I know they just remodeled the inside of that place. And it was the last show of her entire tour. And she was busy remixing a song for a charity cause.


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