Friday, May 7

{ welcome home salad }

After a family vacay that lasted the perfect amount of time (2.5 days, in case you were wondering what that magic number was) should have seen the joy on my face when I was finally able to consume this blue bowl of simple goodness. And I didn't even have to retrieve it from the bear box.

baby spinach
Roma tomatoes
sliced turkey
green onion 
toasted/unsalted sunflower seeds
drizzle with rice vinegar/balsamic vinegar/all-natural honey

Tomorrow I'll post about how my family...
...treats chocolate like it's its own food group
...brought not one, but two electric space heaters to camp with in Yosemite
...woke up to a real live brown bear at 6am yesterday morning


Allie said...

I haven't visited your blog in awhile... I LOVE the layout! It's wonderful. Aaaaand PLEASE MOVE TO SEATTLE.

Bridget said...

a bear? fo real? that'll be a story and a half.

and we practically know each other when we share a friend in ahn.

cjacks said...

oh never mind. I thought you said ‘beerbox‘.

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