Sunday, May 16

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Local Natives

At the risk of sounding like a name-dropping fiend (who am I kidding...I'm fairly shameless in this area), I did go to Pepperdine for a year with the lead singer of this group of musical geniuses. At that time, the boys were calling themselves Cavil at Rest. They had a decent EP, and were doing some shows in Southern CA. I somehow once ended up spending the night at his parents' house near Oceanside (with a bunch of other people, don't worry), crashing after one of their shows. His mom even made us blueberry pancakes in the morning. True story. And one of my best friends had a short fling in college with the lead guitarist. And she's gonna kill me when she reads this. Like I said, shameless.

And did I mention Ryan has the coolest hair ever?!

I'm really impressed by how much they've narrowed in their sound since freshman year of college. And now they're playing shows all over the world. Way to go, guys.

An extra bonus...some home video footage of them covering the greatest:


Justine said...

my favorites of the year

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