Thursday, May 13

{ axxess pride }

We did it!
We being Sarah (who had a birthday to celebrate :), Michelle (who made the salad) and myself (who styled and took the photograph). And the results are in for the Santa Barbara Axxess cover photo CONTEST.

We won! 

Pretty sure they are using a plethora of photos as a pseudo-collage on the cover, but still. I am stoked. And I typically don't even like or use that word. Stoked. Bleh.

Also, minor plug here, but if you don't have an Axxess card, GO GET ONE. They're $30 and most people more than make up for the cost after using it only two times. And you'll be supporting local schools! Do it...but maybe wait til September when the new cards come out and my photo is on the front of the book.  :)


Allie said...

OMG, that's awesome! I just love Axxess books.

Katie said...

wow, you're pretty much famous now at our house. as if we needed more reasons to think you're great....

Craig said...

Way to go. It's always (pretty much anyway) good to win.

Yeah, this photograph has a nice, third world—shanty town feel to it. As a ‘food’ shot, I'd say …it's different.

Sarah said...

maddie did you buy an axxess book this year? oh yeah that's right. you DIDN'T. you're lucky i'm such a good friend to not only have a birthday with which you can take a winning picture, but also to give you an axxess card (gently used).

btw. congratulations!

Camanda said...

You're such a STUD!

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