Tuesday, April 27

{ artist: Shane Waltener }

I had a really hard time not gasping at my desk when I somehow stumbled across this picture of an installation created by Shane Waltener...

I think I was trying to find an address for an out of state Blue Cross claim...? No? ...too far-fetched?

Anyhow. London born and bred, Waltener is fantastically creative. The type of creative that walks through MOCA and thinks, This is cool and all, but I think I'm gonna go a slightly different route...and it's going to blow peoples' minds

His work is intricate, time-consuming, highly involved and intelligent. It not only acts as an aesthetically pleasing visual for the quick passerby...but each piece is deeply set in various cultural and social histories for those who take the time to learn about its true inspiration. 

These pictures are both from his project entitled Auntie Peggy Has Departed. It actually has a two-part looped soundtrack that goes along with it. Of course.

Visit the installations section of his site. You'll go nuts. 

~all images via Shane Waltener


Ahn said...

wow. that is amazing. oh to be so creative.

Jenny Redford said...

Hi Madeline! loved your fit five. Ok if I feature it on my blog?

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