Friday, December 4

{ Christmas, I wish you were a boy... }

Emme and I are working on a potential Christmas song to be recorded in CJacks' shed studio, in lieu of family Christmas cards this year (and the infamous Winter Wonderhop video of 2004). Here's what we've got so far...

You’re always so consistent…you're on time every year

You’ll travel any distance to bring me holiday cheer

You know just what I wish for and just what brings me joy

Oh Christmas, I wish you were a boy.

When you come around, we spend a lot of money

You put us in a good mood, and your jokes they are so funny

You inspire everyone around to spread faith, love and hope

OH Christmas, if you were a boy, we’d elope.

We both love cold snowy nights in December

We both love to cuddle near a fire’s warm embers

You cancelled a whole day of work just for me!

Oh Christmas, you’re the perfect boy fantasy...


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